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About Me:

I was trained as an architectural designer at Berkeley where I learned various methods of design and problem-solving techniques that enabled my creativity and product management skills. While working in San Francisco Bay Area, I pursued information technology as my profession, and received my first Masters in Enterprise Systems from Golden Gate where I trained to become a software system project manager. My experience in the US taught me both creative problem-solving skills as well as rigid goal-oriented project management skills.

My real learning curve came when I moved to Asia and worked several years in the telecom, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing sectors as a business development executive. I was thrilled at learning and managing the commercialization of new technologies from mobile, IC design and hardware engineering industries, as well as traveling globally to work with new clients, ecosystem partners and vendors on next generation technology projects.

Life took an interesting turn when I went to Harvard to study Finance, my second Masters, as I was interested to learn how venture capital, private equity and the capital markets fueled the growth for innovative companies. My academic research and training had thus given me better insight into quantifying innovation for investors, as a financial analyst.

As a community service stemming from my personal interest, I speak at Winners’ Way Seminars, to share my insight of the traits of successful people and organizations,  with a broad audience of company executives, professionals and startup teams.


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