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lagniappe: Word of the day for June 22, 2017

lagniappe , n :
(Louisiana, Mississippi, Trinidad and Tobago, uncommon) An extra or unexpected gift or benefit, such as that given to customers when they purchase something.


midnight sun: Word of the day for June 21, 2017

midnight sun , n :
The phenomenon occurring when the Sun does not set but only approaches the horizon at midnight; it occurs near the summer solstice in the polar regions.
The June solstice falls on this day in 2017.


cravat: Word of the day for June 20, 2017

cravat , n :
A wide fabric band worn as a necktie by men having long ends hanging in front, like an ascot tie.
(historical) A decorative fabric band or scarf worn around the neck by women.
(surgery) A bandage resembling a cravat, particularly a triangular bandage folded into a strip.
Paris Fashion Week for men’s fashion starts tomorrow in 2017.

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