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Picture of the day for June 19, 2017

Retrochoir of the Roman Catholic cathedral of Seville, Seville, Spain. This wonderful Baroque style retrochoir is work of Miguel de Zumárraga and was finalized in 1635. It was constructed with precious materials like marmor or jasper and it’s decorated with bas-relieves and bronce busts. The gothic painting in the middle shows the Virgin of Los Remedios, very popular in the Reconquista times and still very devoted in Spain. The temple is since 1987 a World Heritage Site according to the UNESCO and is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. When it was completed, at the beginning of the 16th century, it became the successor of Hagia Sophia as the largest cathedral in the world, a title the Byzantine church had held for nearly a thousand years. The cathedral is also the burial site of Christopher Columbus.. Learn more.

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Picture of the day for June 18, 2017

Himeji Castle, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a hilltop Japanese castle complex located in Himeji, Hyōgo Prefecture. The castle is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture, comprising a network of 83 buildings with advanced defensive systems from the feudal period.. Learn more.

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Picture of the day for June 17, 2017

Remains of an old pier on the beach of Juliusruh (Isle of Rügen, Germany) at sunrise. The pier was used by the fishermen of the bay Tromper Wiek.. Learn more.

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